Hourly Boating / Fishing Seminars  

Location - New Boater's Education Resource Center M200 (top of the escalators)

Hourly Seminars Topic Speaker
2pm Water Sports Safety & Personal Watercraft Lt/C Betty M. Campanella, SN
3:30pm Trailering Your Boat Lt/C Scott Morris, P and Lt/C Anna Morris, JN
5pm  Outfitting your Boat  Lt/C Anna Morris, JN


11am Sat   Emergencies On Board Lt/C Scott Morris
12:30 Sat Making Fishing Fun Capt Dave Walker
2pm Sat  Partner in Command Lt/C Anna Morris, JN and Lt/C Betty M. Campanella, SN 
3:30 pm Sat  Rules of the Road R/C Gregory T. Scotten, SN 
5pm Sat  Adverse Conditions Lt/C Betty M. Campanella and Lt/C Anna Morris, JN
12:30pm How to Use a Chart Lt/C Anna Morris, JN
2pm Using GPS  Lt/C Scott Morris, P and Lt/C Anna Morris, JN
3:30pm VHF/DSC Marine Radio Lt/C Anna Morris, JN


Boost your boating IQ! Learn the fundamentals of boating safety and have fun. Top-notch mariners from the Annapolis School of Seamanship will be on deck to lead an array of interactive “courses” including general boating safety seminars, proper docking procedures, a boating simulator experience, and tips and tricks to help ensure your safety on the water. It’s enjoyable and educational for the whole family!

Click Here for a full list of the schedule.

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